Character Interview with Trevor from Charmed Memories

Today I have a special treat for you. In the first ever character interview on, Trevor, Crown Prince of Palindore, has stopped by for an interview. And as a special treat, his creator, Mary Waibel is giving away a copy of Charmed Memories to one person who comments on this post. See the first comment by Mary for more details. Now, on to the interview.

Welcome, Your Highness.

Trevor: Thank you. And thank you for agreeing to meet in my study. As you can see from the pile of correspondence on my desk things have stacked up while I was away.

Wow! I guess so! (Trevor chuckles.) So, where have you returned from?

T: I was searching for Princess Elsbeth, my betrothed. Bri and I had quite an adventure.

Lady Bri, the Woodland Guide?

T: The one and only.

Were you and Lady Bri successful in your search?

T: If I told you that, it would ruin the book.

Ah, yes. Your story- Charmed Memories.

T: Yes. A tale of looking for lost love.

Sounds like quite a story.

T: It is. Ships. Sword fights. Betrayal. Mermaids. A missing princess. But, I won’t say more than that. If you want to know what happened, you’ll have to read the story.

Well, I know I want to learn if you found your missing princess. So, where can we read your story?

T: Charmed Memories is available from MuseItUp Publishing, Amazon, and most major retailers. Oh, and you can find my sister Kaylee’s story in Quest of the Hart. I make an appearance toward the end, although if you ask me, I should have been there much sooner!

I’ll be sure to pass your displeasure along to Mary. Now, for the rapid fire questions.

Coffee or tea?

Tea. I’m not aware of this coffee thing.

Favorite season?

Fall. It’s cool enough for a fire, but warm enough to be outside during the day. And the colors remind me of Bri’s hair.

Favorite color?

Cerulean, although green runs a close second.

Beach or mountains?


Thank you, Prince Trevor. It’s been a pleasure.

T: You are most welcome!

And thanks to Mary Waibel, for letting us have this opportunity to speak to her prince. I’ve gotten to know Mary the past few months on Twitter, and it’s been a real treat to have the first character interview here on I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Keep reading for a blurb about the book.

Charmed Memories 200x300

A prince vows to prove the girl he loves is his missing princess by recovering her lost memories.

Prince Trevor has always placed duty to his kingdom above the desires of his own heart. But when his betrothed is lost at sea, he finds himself torn between honor and love.

After four years of searching for the missing princess, he begins to secretly long for Lady Bri, the Woodland Guide he works with each day. But the law says he must marry a princess, and Bri is barely a noble.

When Trevor learns that Bri shipwrecked at the same time and place as the princess, he begins to believe he has finally found his bride-to-be. But his happiness is short lived. Bri has no memory of her past, and the princess wasn’t the only girl who disappeared from the ship.

Desperate to prove Bri is his princess, Trevor unwittingly places the two of them in grave danger. Buried in Bri’s memories are deadly secrets someone wants kept from the light of day, and learning who she is may cost more than either is willing to pay.

32 responses to “Character Interview with Trevor from Charmed Memories

  1. Eric, thanks so much for having Trevor and I on your blog today.

    For all of you stopping by, I’m giving away a copy of Charmed and some swag to one lucky commentator. I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

    Due to limited internet access, I won’t see your comments until later this week, but I do thank you for stopping by.


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