Guest Post: Heather Greenis author of the Natasha Saga

With just over a week until the second book in Heather Greenis’ Natasha Saga, Natasha’s Diary, comes out, she stops by to talk about curling, gardening, and maybe even a little about her writing.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born raised and live in Ontario, Canada.  Married, we don’t have kids, but do have a very spoiled dog.

We love to travel and people watch.  When we aren’t seeing what the world has to offer, I enjoy gardening during the summer and curling during the winter. I’m on the ice 3 times a week, once competitively, once for the social and once managing our junior league and coaching our future generation.


Summer of 2013 Gardening (this sunflower was planted complements of the birds, or squirrels. Critter spit must spur on growth).,


Promoting curling during the summer, the game “rocks ‘n’ rings” The game is great to demonstrate the strategy of the sport.

I support ‘the Healing Cycle’. Palliative care is one of those services people don’t want to think about until they need it. I plan to get more involved with our local hospice next year. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to pass with dignity.

healing cycle

Volunteering with the healing cycle (I was on dispatch for cyclists to contact, and my buddy was road support. Working together as part of the 100km ride team.)

How long have you been writing?

I began writing about 14 years ago.  It was my husband’s idea.  I got off to a slow start, once I got inspired, well, I kept writing.

Tell us about your current project.

I’m in the process of a 4-part saga. The first book was published in June, the second is due to launch in December, the third in March and the conclusion in June 2014.

I’ve got some other projects on the go, but they are really rough and need some dedicated hours and attention.

How hard was it for you to find a publisher for your book?

Hearing others speak, I’ve learned I’m incredibly lucky. I did a lot of researching of publishers on-line.  I emailed my first 3 chapters to a publisher in Calgary who wrote back they didn’t want this saga, but would be interested in seeing other work from me.  I took that a a soft decline and very positive. I emailed my full manuscript to two others. Nine months later, I received that glorious email and began working with editors and then finally a cover artist and one by one sent the remainder of my saga. All four books in my saga are under contract.

You and I are in the same boat there. I haven’t had nearly as many rejections as most authors seem to get. Muse must have a strong sense for talent, right. Or they like to take chances with wildcards, but from the four or five books I’ve read from the Muse catalog, I’m going with talent. They’ve all been top of the line.

What’s next for you?

That’s a good question. Go back and play with the other books that I have on the go.  No need to rush knowing I have two still to launch.

Do you have a writing schedule? If so, what is it?

Not really.  I write when I’m inspired. If I’m not, I don’t push it or get mad.  That said, I’m at my computer every day unless we are busy with family or friends and I lack the time.  I enjoy writing, allowing my mind to wander, trying to make my story the best it can be.

Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what do you like?

I listen to talk radio, CBC is great.  They have great interviews with incredible, intelligent people. Sometimes a comment can spur my imagination. I listen to jazz, and classical, just background stuff. Listening to classical, I’m able to picture cartoons in my head. I’m just a big, well no so big, kid. I enjoy modern music as well, but I start to sing along and that makes it impossible to work. The dog plugs her ears.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere. I go for walks, and I watch people. Listening to people is a wonderful way to develop a character.

What have you done to promote your writing?

Not enough. I’m shy so this is the tough part. My friends hosted a book launch for me.  I had to read a short passage. That was the worst 3 minutes of the night.

I made post cards with the cover of my first book and info on the back which I hand out. I’ve joined some social network groups, Goodreads and through those I’ve joined some review exchange groups. There verdict is still out on those.  I also had our local newspaper put an article in for me. Other than that, I hope people enjoy my story and talk about it.

I like the post card idea. I may have to copy it. As far as the review groups, I’ve had better luck with the ones on Facebook than on Goodreads.

Tell us about any other published stories you’ve had.

This is my one and only, so far. Natasha is a saga as opposed to a series. One big story that has been broken down into 4 separate books

Natasha’s Dream

Natasha’s Diary

Natasha’s Hope

Natasha’s Legacy

lt Natasha's Dream 200x300Natasha's Diary B 200x300

Where can people find you online?

my website

my book is available at al the major distributors

amazon, barnes and noble, i-Tunes kobo and MuseitUp my publisher’s site of course.

Fun Questions:

Elvis or the Beatles?

Beatles – Four talented men collaborated and made unforgettable classic music that is still appreciated today.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Can’t take it with you” – If you look on my website, you’ll see I’m charitable.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Yikes – neither.  I liked R2-D2, C-3P0 and Darth Vader from star wars, and Data the android from Star Trek, but haven’t seen a 5 full episodes.  Hubby is a trekkie fan.

How do you take your coffee (or tea)?

Black and clear – Why ruin the flavour?  I drink far more tea than coffee.

7 responses to “Guest Post: Heather Greenis author of the Natasha Saga

    • Will you be trying out? I think I would make an excellent sweeper. I’ve already got the appropriate muscles built from sweeping grain bins. All I’d need is some training in the fine tuning details.


  1. Nice interview! Heather, I enjoyed your first book and look forward to continuing along with Natasha’s saga. You certainly do a lot of very worthwhile things with your time. Eric, kudos for working in some scifi (though SW vs ST is a really tough question!).


    • Thanks for stopping by Heather B. Natasha’s Saga and my stories aren’t necessarily going to be read by the same audience, so I have to make sure people still know what site they’re visiting.


  2. thanks for stopping by Heather. I love the rapid fire type questions. As for busy, I like it that way. Life is never boring around here.


  3. thanks so much for hosting me, Eric. I know a few of my friends popped in for a quick visit. I haven’t got them convinced to comment


    • You’re welcome, Heather. I know how hard commenting can be. I’m not what anyone would describe as a social type, so this whole social media/website/blog experience presents constant challenges for me. Some days I have no trouble opening up, other days I just don’t log on.


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