Chapter Three by Group 10

Welcome back! Today we continue with the student versions of Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud Chapter Three.

I’ve altered the line spacing to make them easier to read on WordPress, otherwise they are exactly as the students wrote them. I’ve copied the files from Adobe to Word to WordPress, so I hope I got the formatting as the authors intended. I take full responsibility for any errors in that regard, and I hope you’ll choose your favorite(s) based on content, not formatting. Please keep track of the ones you like the best. Voting begins September 18!

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Student Versions of Chapter Three

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Group 10 Chapter Three

The beasts’ encounter

“To use magic”. The sentence echoed in his head. A few hours earlier he was in a rage against Cedric for using magic on him and now his life and his father’s relied on that magic. He no longer had a choice; magic seemed to be his only chance to save his father. Owen glanced at the sorcerer and asked “What kind of magic?”

“Light magic, white magic. You won’t feel anything and you will be on the other side of the desert without noticing anything.”

“Alright,” was the last word Owen said before leaving this part of the country. Cedric took his hand, closed his eyes and they disappeared. When they touched the ground again they were in the middle of nowhere. Owen came back to his mind and observed the landscape around him. There was only sand to be seen, sand and the horizon. The sky was blue and the sun was as bright as ever. It took a minute and a half before they started feeling the heat of the place. Cedric seemed lost. He took Owen’s hand again, closed his eyes but nothing happened. Owen looked at him with anger. He never trusted any sorcerer or any person using magical powers and he remembered just why at that moment. These people were always creating trouble. Cedric’s eyes caught Owen’s. Owen pulled out his sword stealthily and Cedric threw his hands in his direction to cast a spell. Nothing happened. The sorcerer tried again but in vain. Cedric had lost all his powers. Owen quickly realized that the sorcerer was powerless and put the tip of his sword on his chest. He whispered “I have trusted you because my father used to. I have followed you to save him and you’ve lost your magic in the middle of the most dangerous desert in the kingdom. You had better have an explanation and a solution or my sword will get deeper.”

“You should lower your weapon. If I die your chance of saving your dad will be close to zero.” After a brief reflection Owen dropped it.

“I have known your dad since our childhood. We were always playing together until I discovered I had magical powers. When his dad heard about my powers he forbade his son to play with me again. I didn’t see your dad for many years. When his father died he called me back to the Castle because every king needs a sorcerer by his side. I have tried to help him defeat the wizards but my powers were too limited. Your father trusts me because I am on his side. You should trust me too.”

Owen put his sword away and sat on the burning sand. A tear dropped from his eye. After a few minutes he raised his head.

“I shouldn’t have attacked you.” he admitted.

“My father trusted you and I will too.”

Cedric offered him his help to stand up. As he got up something caught Owen’s eyes. Some odd creatures were coming in their direction. He swiftly pulled out his weapon and pushed Cedric behind him. There were four. Four enormous creatures. They looked like wolves and lions in one single body. The beasts were approaching slowly. They were about five meters away from Cedric and Owen when the first one jumped in their direction. Owen stabbed it in the stomach and it fell to the ground which strongly trembled, with a heavy thump. Another one came running fiercely towards them. The fight with this animal was tougher, its claws scratched Owen several times and he felt blood flowing down his back. He finally pushed it away and drove his weapon into its eyes. The creature went crazy and ran away. Two were left. They were coming closer very slowly and suddenly jumped. Owen was prepared for the fight but suddenly, the two beasts stopped, motionless, hung in the air. Owen turned back and saw Cedric, arms raised in the direction of the two creatures. A light green smoke was coming out of his hands and circled the animals. He lowered them slowly and left them lifeless on the ground. Cedric fell down as the animals touched the ground. Owen threw himself beside the sorcerer and searched for his heart beat. As he felt it Cedric opened his eyes. The use of his magical powers had exhausted him but he somehow managed to stand up. They looked at each other, their eyes filled with gratitude. Cedric took Owen’s hand to try to travel by magic again. The sorcerer closed his eyes and they disappeared.


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