Chapter Three by Group 11

Welcome back! Today we continue with the student versions of Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud Chapter Three.

I’ve altered the line spacing to make them easier to read on WordPress, otherwise they are exactly as the students wrote them. I’ve copied the files from Adobe to Word to WordPress, so I hope I got the formatting as the authors intended. I take full responsibility for any errors in that regard, and I hope you’ll choose your favorite(s) based on content, not formatting. Please keep track of the ones you like the best. Voting begins September 18!

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Intro and Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud: Chapter One:
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Student Versions of Chapter Three

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Group 11 Chapter Three

Wandering into Death Desert

He was about to knock the smug grin of his face for suggesting the use of magic in their quest, but he quickly remembered the reason they were embarking upon this quest, to save his father, and decided to put aside his own concerns. They had been walking for hours when they noticed the darkness had started to engulf them. Cedric, judging it unsafe to continue, offered to stop for a while and set up camp for the night. Owen objected at first, not wanting to waste any time in saving his father, however Cedric convinced him that he needed to rest to gain all his strength back for the rest of the adventure and that it would be incautious to continue, oblivious of the possible dangers lurking in the darkness ahead. He went to fetch some firewood to keep warm overnight however when he returned where they had settled, he found Cedric had already started a fire. It irritated him that he had just been scavenging for the past half hour for nothing, but what annoyed him most was that he had obviously used magic, as if to mock him. Owen, not wanting to give Cedric the satisfaction that he apparently sought, just decided to lie down onto the ground without a word and closed his eyes.

The next morning he awoke in a mist of confusion and surprise, briefly forgetting where he was, but he quickly remembered when he looked around to see Cedric’s sleeping body a few meters away from him and the burnt out fire remaining from the night before. Owen sat up and threw a sizeable stone at him to wake him, yet not big enough to injure him. He grabbed his belongings and immediately set off, leaving Cedric to quickly scramble his affairs together and catch up with him. They had only been walking for a few hours when they suddenly halted at the foot of a mountain.

“And how do you suppose we pass this, Cedric oh mighty one?” asked Owen sarcastically.

“Climbing of course!”

“It’s really done.” he pronounced in a matter-of-fact way.

He lifted his staff and answered the wizard with a slight grin.

“After you.”

They gruelingly hiked up what seemed the never ending mountain until they reached the top where they stopped to drink water and have a break. They were about to make their way down the other side of the mountain when they heard a loud groan behind them. They turned around and saw a massive bear-like creature. Owen started to pull out his sword but Cedric had other plans.

“Put that away Owen, watch how chanting incantations but before he realized what was happening, the animal pounced on him. Cedric struggled underneath this vicious beast; Owen pulled out his sword again and stabbed the vile creature through its back. It fell to its side revealing a cowering Cedric.

“I believe that’s ‘how it’s done!” said Owen sharply whilst striding off.


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