Chapter Three by Group 13

Welcome back! Today we continue with the student versions of Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud Chapter Three.

I’ve altered the line spacing to make them easier to read on WordPress, otherwise they are exactly as the students wrote them. I’ve copied the files from Adobe to Word to WordPress, so I hope I got the formatting as the authors intended. I take full responsibility for any errors in that regard, and I hope you’ll choose your favorite(s) based on content, not formatting. Please keep track of the ones you like the best. Voting begins September 18!

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Group 13 Chapter Three

After a day of walking through the dark forest, we finally arrived at the limits between the different lands. The piece of wood, hanging on the last tree we could see for miles, informed us that we were about to enter death desert. I looked at Cedric to ask him, one last time, if all of this was necessary. If I had to risk my life to find a wizard whom I didn’t know, following another one whom I didn’t trust. He looked right back at me and said:

“For the king, we must”.

This answer made me stagger. It seemed as if he had just read my mind. Doesn’t he have any limits to his powers? Well I guess I knew the answer. And so did my father.

The land was arid and cracked on the surface. After a few hesitations I was ready to go ahead when Cedric stopped me violently.

“Did you really think you could enter death desert without being protected by magic?”

“I don’t want any more of your magic. I am a soldier, I don’t need any of your tricks to survive.”

“Go ahead then, show me.” Cedric replied with a hint of challenge.

I then decided to prove him wrong and without hesitating I crossed the invisible line. Suddenly the temperature was 10 times warmer than a second ago and I started to feel an incredible pain in my arm. I pushed up my sleeve and what I saw scared me to death. My arm was literally burning. I suddenly felt the same intolerable pain in my leg and in my back. Horrified I took a step back and fell on the ground next to the rock.

Cedric didn’t say anything but looked at me in a way that said a lot. He healed my wound still looking at me as if to dare me to object. He then pronounced some incantation and my body started to glow. I suddenly felt a great cold take possession of me.

“We now are ready” Cedric said.

And without further ado we entered death desert.

Every step I took, I could feel the fragility of the ground, as if it was ready to swallow us both. After two hours of wandering in the desert we finally decided to set up camp. Cedric had stopped in the middle of the desert, in the flattest place of all. I could not understand this twisted logic. Here, we were vulnerable. Our potential enemies could see us from miles.

“Why are we setting camp at this very location? This is flat. I don’t know if you are aware of the soldier techniques but this is very bad strategy…”

“I am, actually. More than you know. But don’t worry, nobody will be able to see us or touch us during the night.”

“And how will you do that?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Cedric did not reply but smiled and sparkles started to come out of his hands. Slowly, all the sparkles surrounded us, like a beautiful colored shield. With one movement of the hand, the shield seemed to disappear into thin air, as if all of this was just an illusion, as if it had never been here in the first place. The atmosphere, though, was different, heavier. I had trouble breathing. I could feel the magic surrounding me and I felt even more vulnerable than I had before. I spent the night staring at the stars trying to find some rest, in vain.

The second day of our journey was the most difficult part of all. The sun was high in the sky and even with the spell that Cedric had cast to protect me from the temperature, I could still feel the warm sun trying to burn my entire body. I had not drunk since we had left and my throat was as dry as the ground of the desert. I would have done anything for a sip of water. I could have asked Cedric, but I knew that the “water” he would give me would have a magical origin. And I’d rather die than use more magic than I already had.

We kept walking and walking through the desert probably for days. The truth is, I had lost track of time. Every inch of my body was screaming for rest.

”We must not stop“ Cedric said without me even asking. So I kept walking, losing, step by step, the hope of ever seeing my father again. With that terrible thought omnipresent in my mind, it took me some time to see the little house burning in front of us and the dragon fleeing the scene.

”That must be his house” said Cedric gravely.


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  1. For this one we’ve changed to first person (it’s the only first person version, if I remember correctly), we have an extremely violent death desert, an aggressive Cedric, and what will they do since a dragon wrecked their plans?


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