Guest Post: Detective for the Innocent by J.H. McCarthy

Today I have my first author interview based upon a novella. I thought with a shorter text I’d have a harder time coming up with questions, but as I read Detective for the Innocent, I actually found it quite easy. If you’re looking for a quick read detective story, I recommend this one by J.H. McCarthy.


You’ve told me our characters are all named after people you know. Tell us about one of them.

Kerry is one of my aunts, she is a detective in the story.

Do you have a brother, and is Jeff and Dave’s relationship based upon your own?

Funny you should say that, I don’t have a brother . I only have sisters. The character Jeff is based on my mom’s friend and David is based on a very good friend of mine.

Your book takes place in NYC, did you have to do much research on the city?

I have been to New York City and I did a lot of research on it.

I choose to write about New York because it is an interesting city.

Mets or Yankees?

Mets, I don’t like the Yankees. I am from Boston.

What about the Dominican? How did you research it?

By books and online.

Did you base Jeff’s character on a detective you know?

No it’s all fictional.

Did you ever want to be a detective?


I know you do some ghost hunting. Tell us a bit about that.

I just got back from a big investigation for my team “Paranormal Hunters.”  We had the privilege of

ghost hunting at the Opera House in Derby, CT.

Jeff reminds me of Robert B. Parker’s Spencer meets Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas. How would you describe him?

Jeff is a great detective and a good person who has passion for doing the right thing.

Speaking of Odd Thomas and ghost hunting, who would you rather hang out with, the ghost of Elvis or the ghost of Frank Sinatra?

Definitely Frank Sinatra. My father loves his music and I grew up listening to him.

Who are your favorite crime authors, and what are your favorite crime books?

My favorite crime author is someone I actually know very well. His name is Robert W. Walker.

I like all of his books.