The Return of George: the Egotistical Basset Hound

Well, George is back. I didn’t realize it had been so long, but he hasn’t been here since October of 2013. If you didn’t see that interview, you can read it here. At that time, I interviewed George about his first book, George Knows. I also had his peep, Mindy, in the interview. Now George has a new book out, Tillie’s Tale. This time I just had questions for George, and had I reviewed the first interview, I could have probably saved us both some time by not repeating things he had already answered. Oh well, I guess peeps don’t have as good of a memory as dogs.

tilliestale333x500With the success of George Knows, and now the release of Tillie’s Tale, how long do you think you can keep solving cases?

George: It depends on if I can get a new secret-ary. The Peep I have now is very slow and doesn’t always listen to me the way she should. She has a big mouth and spends little time doing her work.

Have you started your next case?

George: A basset’s work is never done. There are some lost spoons that need to be found. I’m sure that there may be lost treats, too.

Do you have a message you’d like people to take from your stories?

George: Peeps, dogs are your friends. Listen to us or things may not go well for your species. Feed us, take care of us, clean up after us, and we’ll teach you about the world outside of your puny senses.

Do you also read? If so, what do you like?

George: Gack! That’s, that’s, that’s just plain disgusting. Dogs have in stinks, we don’t need to read like Peeps do. That’s because they don’t remember anything.

Do you have an issue with all the books where the dog, well, doesn’t make it?

George: Not as long as it isn’t a friend. Didn’t you realize most of those books are fiction? Peeps die all the time in books, so why not the dog? There is a need for superhero dogs in comic books. Superdog just didn’t cut it, in my opinion. Maybe a SuperBasset—they could call him George.

Trixie Koontz had quite a career. Which K9 storyteller do you most respect.

George: Lassie was very pretty. Unfortunately, she turned out to be a he and I wasn’t quite as interested. Now I have my own lovely lass. She suffers from permanent bad hair days, but she’s going to be mine.
Who would you rather work a case with, Blue or Wishbone?

George: Blue? Is he a hound? Like a blue tick? Hounds generally smart dogs. I’m a hound. I’ve heard of Wishbone. Terriers waste too much energy.

Since keyboards were designed for human hands, do you find typing your books difficult, or do you get by with a form of pecking?

George: I have a secret-ary. She takes my dictation. She’s not very good, she doesn’t always listen, and she’s very slow. It’s hard to get good help. I’ve offered her all the cookies she could want. Why is it my fault she doesn’t eat them fast enough?

Benji or Lassie?

George: Please! They are both boydogs. Lassie’s only line is Timmy’s in the well. What did Benji do other than look unkempt. K9 from Doctor Who is pretty cool for a metal dog. I’d hang out with the robo-dog. It wouldn’t take my cookies.

Lady and the Tramp, Milo and Otis, or All Dogs Go to Heaven?

George: If I had to choose, maybe Lady from Lady and the Tramp. She’s a lovely puppygirl. I’d clean her ears any day!

Ok. We’re going to end it there. I didn’t know cleaning ears was a thing with dogs, but whatever. Here’s George’s blog, or ‘log’ if you’ve read the first interview: Basset Bones.

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